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NeuroEdUSA is a multilingual educational narrative place where you would find articles about the latest research in the field of neuroscience and education, learning and behavior. NeuroEdUSA also provide public speaking education and education information to trials in neuroscience..

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Author / Researcher / Educator


Dr. Fatjona R. Lubonja, BA; MA; MS; Ed.D. is the founder of the NeuroEdUSA.com. Author of Short Story collection Publications.   “The Days That Left Without Permission” Her education background includes studies in Neuroscience & Education at prestigious TC. Columbia University in New York, Education Leadership at Rowan University, Instructional Design in Education  at Richard Stockton University.  She attended certification at the Institute Universal Design for  Learning: Reaching all Learners Program, and Visiting Fellowship at Harvard University. at the Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging. Dr. Lubonja është autore dhe studiuese në fushën e Edukimit dhe Neurologjisë Shkencore. Currently she is a teacher Fellow at the prestigious Zuckerman Brain & Mind Institute, Columbia University, New York. Previously, in Europe she worked at National Opera House of Tirana, Albania. TOB. and freelance writer.


Honorary Award from ACC College of New Jersey.
Beacon By the Sea Award 2013 & 2014.
Editor’s Choice from National Library of Poets.
Editor’s Choice from International Society of Poets
National Professional Women Association.
Helping the Arts in South Jersey


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