A Beautiful Summer Day

The summer decided to have a sense of humor that day. Primitively intense the heat stretched over the beach-goers head and body obsessed. Very large beach umbrellas turned into destinations for many people trying to resist the heat served by the sun above their head and sand below their feet. The smell of the roasted corn that once in a while was mixed by the smoke of burning gas perfumed the surroundings. Occasionally corn vendors suddenly would burst into a verbal fight, letting out their frustration loudly. It seemed that the entire “E-bay” landed on that beach. Suddenly I was surrounded by the innocently grotesque beach commerce.

My generosity attracted not only the corn vendors, but the entire beach trades selling bathing suit fabrics, fresh fruits, vegetable, cards, balloons, popcorn, books, and more that I could count. The vendors sashay elegantly fast from umbrella to another while holding the merchandise in their hands or their shoulder. Others would use bicycles and some that would bring their donkey. I was the spectator of a real comedy.

Are you American? – the lady seating on a beach chair near me asked.

I smiled while nodding my head, incapable of continuing any conversation, since a future teller came between us and asked me if I needed to see my future.

No thank you – I said laughing, while she moved to the next umbrella.

Good morning – a young boy greeted me after she left. Do you want to hear some music? He began playing his clarinet without waiting for my answer. At my surprise this teenager began playing the clarinet in front of me, brilliantly. The sound of clarinet filled the air around and stopped the heat for a moment. Suddenly a young boy followed him playing the drum. I was so confused by all that live music in my umbrella. A skinny young boy near them began dancing passionately following the rhythm. His bones took funny shapes while getting more excited by other beach goers’ hand claps.

Suddenly the music was interrupted by another loud noise. A crowd of children was running toward some animal. I was not sure what was happening, or maybe I could not believe what was really entertaining these children. It was a bear and a pony. An existing wild show was taking place in front of me. I had never seen a bear before so close, never the less a sweet and entertaining one. The bear danced by rolling in the sand following the owner’s music rhythm. Young and old could not get enough of such a show. The bear definitely had earned his celebrity status, and after a couple of rolls, he stopped his moves in a stubborn way, also ignoring children’s requests for more. Obediently, the owner stopped the music and followed the bear leading the road through the crowds. Five minutes later the bear left and the pony followed, leaving behind many children having so much to talk about that day.

The day continued as it began while the sun took place in the middle of the sky. Many families emptied their umbrellas for a lunch break and an afternoon nap, while the vendors continued their commerce. My journey stretched longer like the shadow in the sand under the heat of the day, entertained, and perfumed by the roasted corn.

Fatjona Lubonja©

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